Vikoma Demonstrates HI Sprint System

6th Feb 2015

Vikoma International Limited, recently demonstrated its unique high integrity, single point inflation oil containment boom, known as the HI Sprint Boom System.

The deployments, which took place over a two day period in the river Medina and the Solent, demonstrated the rapid inflation and deployment characteristics of the HI Sprint which are critical in an oil spill situation. International visitors were impressed with the capabilities of the HI Sprint system.

Vikoma Sales Director, Paul Rayner said “The visits went very well and we had some very good feedback from our visitors, both on the tour of the factory and the HI Sprint deployment that took place on the Medina. It was a chance to truly demonstrate how quickly the HI Sprint is deployed."

The HI Sprint boom system itself is the result of many years of development and innovation, manufactured from reinforced, double faced neoprene fabric it can operate in temperatures from -40°C to +90°C without deterioration.

The boom meets the challenge of producing a fast and safe to deploy, strong, durable and yet easy to handle oil containment boom with a high buoyancy to weight ratio that gives unequalled wave following capability.

As the company is committed to developing its employees it also took the opportunity to take a team on a training exercise. Several deployment and recovery techniques were demonstrated including loop laying and straight lay, along with manoeuvring the boom into both ‘U’ and ‘J’ formations.