VikoTrawl Net

The VikoTrawl Net is a versatile, high integrity trawl net  that can contain either 2m3 or 8m3 of floating contaminated waste or semi submerged oil (tar balls).

It is capable of collecting emulsified, weathered oil as well as contaminated debris that remains after the pumpable oil has been removed from a spill.

Able to operate from concentrated to spread out spills and floating macro waste the VikoTrawl Net utilises a unique patented filtration and collection system.

VikoTrawl is a versatile product and as well as oil clean up, it is ideally suited to general harbour debris clean up. It is good value for money for harbours wishing to keep the harbour debris free as well as having equipment ready in the event of an oil spill. 

Available in two sizes, the net can be used to combat oil spills in varying conditions.

The 2 ton net can be towed by a boat that is at least 5m long and 40hp. Its size allows effective manoeuvrability in coastal waters, harbours or sheltered waters.

The containment filter is able to hold 2 tons of oil or debris before it has to be hoisted. 

The 2 ton trawl containment filter can be reconditioned and reused in approximately 20 minutes, saving valuable time in an oil spill.

The 8 ton net has been designed to be towed by one vessel that is at least 12m long and 150hp. The 8T net can also be towed behind 2 vessels. 

The 8 ton containment filter has the ability to be reconditioned and reused in approximately 30 minutes and can contain up to 8 tons of oil or debris before it has to be hoisted. 

The net has been adapted for use on oyster boats and mediterranean fishing boats. 

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  • The  VikoTrawl Net is a high integrity net that can be towed when empty or full behind a vessel in offshore conditions.
  • The VikoTrawl Net has unique benefits that make it easy to deploy, operate, fill, empty, clean and recover.
  • The VikoTrawl Net is capable of recovering floating and submerged contaminant.
  • The VikoTrawl Net has a detachable net that can easily and quickly be exchanged when full so the system can remain on task for longer periods of time.


  • 2T Collection Capacity
  • 8T Collection Capacity
  • Inflatable booms available in Neoprene or PVC.

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