Vikoma launches it's paravane for use deploying booms

21st Nov 2022

Vikoma’s paravane is a powerful and versatile tool with a unique vane profile to maximise efficiency.  In a traditional open water boom deployment it replaces the tow boat, enabling a single vessel to deploy a boom system.

There are other paravanes on the market, however Vikoma’s has a unique feature as it is a modular system allowing easy conversion between it’s Midi and Maxi versions (medium and large).  This flexibility is a useful feature for buyers by keeping the investment cost down, with one piece of equipment being easily convertible to suit the size of boom being used, rather than buying two separate sizes of paravane.

As well as saving money, this is an environmentally friendly solution keeping the carbon footprint down as less materials are used.

Vikoma offer three models; Paravane Maxi, Paravane Midi and Paravane Mini. 

Paravane Maxi has a twin vane arrangement and is ideally suited to medium to large boom systems and Fasflo Maxi in open water.  Paravane Midi has a single vane arrangement and is suited to small to medium boom systems and Fasflo Mini in rivers and sheltered waters.   

In a river deployment, Paravane Mini can be used alongside personnel to manually deploy a boom system without the need for a boat.  This functionality minimises personnel and reduces costs making it ideally suited to training exercises as well as oil spill response.

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