In-tank Skimmer

The In-tank skimmer is a floating weir skimmer. It is designed primarily for the recovery of a range of floating pollutants and can be used in open environments and closed tank applications.

It typically consists of a floating Dragon Fly skimmer and discharge tube assembly.

The depth of the circular weir lip submersion is controlled by the float unit situated in the oil collection trough.

Vikoma can design and supply single or multiple articulated discharge arms in order to suit different tank shapes and sizes.

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  • Can be manufactured in 316 stainless steel, super duplex amd Incaloy 825
  • Skimmer capacity is rated at 5m3/hr (continuous)
  • Four buoyancy chambers can be ballasted to match the specific gravity of the fluid within the tank
  • Skimmer is light weight and compact for ease of installation


  • Skimmer Dimensions
  • Length:57cm 
  • Width: 57cm 
  • Draught: 23cm 
  • Weight: 19kg 
  • Recovery Rate: 5m³/hr

Areas of Use