In-Tank Skimmer

The In-Tank Skimmer is a floating weir skimmer. It is designed primarily for the recovery of a range of floating pollutants and can be used in either fixed or floating roof tanks. It typically consists of a floating Dragonfly skimmer and discharge tube assembly. Our in-tank skimming systems can rise and fall with the roof structure,either independently or fixed to maximise efficiency. Skimming systems can be manufactured from a wide range of materials including SS 316L, 6Mo, Super Duplex and Incalloy 825.

A key part of our in-tank skimming system is the swivel arm, this allows the system to move with the water level and sit at the base of the tank when little to no water is present. Vikoma can design and supply single or multiple articulated discharge arms in order to suit different tank shapes and outlet sizes. Systems can be manufactured from a range of different materials including SS 316L, 6Mo, Super Duplex and Incalloy 825.

An alternative type of in-tank skimmer system uses a flexible discharge hose.The hoses coil under the skimmer to allow for height variation inside the tank. The system can be supplied with guide wires or a column in order to keep the skimmer fixed in lateral position. A composite discharge hose also included for arduous environments. Additional buoyancy is provided to maintain theskimmer for effective skimming operations.

1 In-Tank Skimmer
2 In-Tank Skimmer
Worley in-tank skimmer
4 In-Tank Skimmer
3 In-Tank Skimmer
5 In-Tank Skimmer

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  • Can be manufactured in 316 stainless steel, super duplex amd Incaloy 825
  • Skimmer capacity is rated at up to 5m³/hr (continuous)
  • Four buoyancy chambers can be ballasted to match the specific gravity of the fluid within the tank
  • Skimmer is light weight and compact for ease of installation


Dragonfly Mini Skimmer Dimensions
  • Length:57cm 
  • Width: 57cm 
  • Draught: 23cm 
  • Weight: 19kg 
  • Recovery Rate: up to 5m³/hr
  • Recovery capacities stated are indicative and full system recovery capacities will depend on specification of the pump and other ancillary equipment connected

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