The Vikoseq range of rigid sweeping arms are designed for quick and rapid response. The sweeping arms are a proven solution, widely used to ensure  safe, rapid and efficient method of oil spill containment is in place. 

The Vikoseq complements the other suite of Vikoma oil and pollution containment solutions such as booms, skimmers and tanks and Vikoseq can be used as an independent solution or used hand-in-hand with these solutions. 

With over 70 systems deployed, Vikoseq provides a proven method of containment and the range of arms ensure that all vessels and scenarios can be accommodated. 

The Vikoseq rigid sweeping arms are trailed alongside a vessel. Working independently or with complementary boom solutions, a vessel equipped with Vikoseq sweeping arms recovers the oil dynamically, like a lawn mower. 

The system can be deployed in minutes with minimal crew, without the help of supporting vessels. 

Offshore oil spills are often difficult to combat. Large quantities of heavy oil are released, in severe weather circumstances. This is where the Vikoseq rigid sweeping arm is at its best. 

Vikoseq has supported in a number of major oil spills and has proved to be the most effective tool to recover large quantities of oil in a short time.

Vikoma delivers a complete set of equipment . Besides the rigid sweeping arms, the system consists of dedicated sweeping arm handling cranes and hydraulic powerpacks. 

These powerpacks can be electrical or diesel driven, and can be executed for "normal" use, or for use in Zone II areas.

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  • No need for third party vessel
  • Proven technology
  • Quick & safe deployment
  • Not reliant on specific weather conditions
  • Reliable
  • Minimal maintenance required
  • Works independantly or as part of a wider containment package


  • Avaiable lengths: 10, 12, 15m
  • Total weight: 5000kg (15 metres long)
  • Preservation: Four layer offshore coating
  • Skimmer type: Weir or brush
  • Skimmer pump: MSP 150, capacity 360 m3/hr
  • Wind force: Max. 7 Beaufort

Areas of Use