HI Sprint

HI Sprint boom is a heavy duty, single point inflation, fast deployment boom, available in a range of sizes. 

Constructed of exceptionally strong, highly flexible neoprene rubber, the boom has a smooth profile, combined with excellent heave response and high buoyancy to weight ratio providing excellent wave following characteristics. This means it contains oil extremely well, eliminating the vortices and splashover which may occur with less flexible booms. The flexible nature of the boom also minimises the stresses and weakness which can occur with more rigid booms.

Single point inflation

The boom is designed with a continuous inflation cuff running the full length of the boom, with sections joined by a special connector so the whole boom is inflated by a single inflator. The high volume, low pressure inflator is capable of inflating 300m of HI Sprint 1500 boom in less than 14 minutes.

Independent chambers

The boom itself is divided by internal bulkheads, every 3-5 metres, to form independent chambers sealed by one way valves. So if a chamber is damaged, the chambers to each side will support the deflated area and maintain the integrity of the boom. 

HI Sprint is also available in HD (Heavy Duty) double thickness neoprene rubber. HI Sprint HD is ideal for use in ice or spill situations with heavy floating debris or where there is a likelihood of damage. It is also ideal as a protection barrier boom to prevent smaller craft accessing a restricted area. 

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  • Rapid and easy deployment
  • Single point inflation
  • Internal bulkhead
  • Constructed from strong, flexible neoprene
  • 300 metres of boom can be deployed in a matter of minutes
  • Fast and safe to deploy 
  • Excellent wave following due to fabric flexibility and low inflation pressure
  • High integrity
  • Operate in temperatures from -40ºC to +90ºC


  • Inflated Height: 750mm - 2000mm
  • Freeboard Height: 350mm - 900mm
  • Draft: 400mm - 1100mm
  • Weight Per Metre: 6.68kg - 11.2kg
  • Material: Neoprene
  • Ballast Type: Galvanised Chain
  • Section Lengths: 25m or 50m
  • Connector Type: ASTM or Unicon

Areas of Use