The Fasflo is a free floating skimmer for the recovery of oil in open, fast flowing water such as rivers, estuaries and offshore sweep systems. It is a cost effective solution with minimal ongoing maintenance suited to many applications and can be used with boom attachments or boom array, as a side sweep, in a large V shape boom configuration, with a hydrovane or fixed in a river.

The skimmer is preassembled ready to go complete with GRP or Aluminium floats (model dependant). It is lightweight and the angle of Hydrofoils supporting the skimmer can be adjusted to suit the speed of water. It is an efficient skimmer which collects a high oil to water ratio when skimming.

There are two sizes available. Mini Fasflo comes complete with a boom array to funnel the oil and a separate recovered oil transfer pump. Maxi Fasflo has a boom array as an option and comes with an on-board pump.

It has a self-adjusting weir lip to optimise the oil collection rate. This, together with the simplicity of the system, ensures minimal maintenance and spare part requirements.

1 Mini Fasflo
2 Mini Fasflo
3 Maxi Fasflo
4 Mini Fasflo
5 Mini Fasflo

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  • Versatile for many applications including rivers, estuaries and offshore side sweep systems
  • Permanently or temporarily deployed
  • Will recover oil with a wide range of viscosities 
  • System can recover up to 75m³/hr depending on model 
  • Operate in water/current speeds to over 3 knots
  • Low ongoing maintenance costs
  • Debris trap fitted as standard
  • Boom array for enhanced stability


  • Skimmer Heads Ranging From:
  • Length: 210cm to  400cm 
  • Width: 142cm to 221cm 
  • Height: 76cm to 96cm  
  • Weight: 90kg to 350kg 
  • Recovery Rate: up to 30m³/hr to 75m³/hr 
  • Reinforced bow section




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