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Shoreguardian is a simple, high performance and versatile boom for use at water and land interfaces. It consists of boom, in lengths of 10m, 15m or 20m, and can be packed in a custom boom bag, designed to be carried into position.

Vikoma also offer a range of optional ancillary equipment including water and air pressure relief valves, a portable inflator, water pump and tow bridles. 

Shoreguardian Boom can be produced in vulcanised neoprene or RF welded PU resulting in joints which are stronger than those produced by the inferior cold gluing process. The joints are also designed to eliminate failure by 'peel'.

Both materials are highly durable and resistant to UV and hydrocarbons. The neoprene offers an exceptionally durable boom which is ideal for rugged and highly abrasive conditions, giving a longer lifespan. 

Triple Tube Construction

Consisting of two lower water ballast chambers and one upper air chamber. The two lower chambers are connected by a vertical membrane with reinforced apertures. This allows the water ballast to fill and move between the chambers to ensure the integrity of the seal and prevent the boom from rolling when grounded. 

Continuous Protection From Shoreline To Coastal Waters

Shoreguardian can be joined to other floating booms to provide continuous protection. 

Fast Inflation & Water Tube Valves

Low profile spring loaded valves make for fast, easy deployment of the Shoreguardian Boom. Air inflation is provided by a lightweight portable air inflator and water ballast via a portable high capacity water pump.

As with all Vikoma booms, the smooth profile and low inflation pressure gives excellent wave following and oil containment characteristics, as well as easy cleaning after use.

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  • Easy deployment
  • Creates a constant oil seal between the land and water
  • Constructed from strong, flexible neoprene or Polyurethane
  • Strong internal joints to withstand forces
  • Stable triple tube design maintains freeboard and seal on land
  • Flexible water ballasted design seals even on irregular terrain
  • Provides excellent transition from beach to water
  • Can be used with other booms to provide continuous protection in coastal waters
  • Operate in temperatures from -40ºC to +90ºC


  • Inflated Height: 400mm - 550mm
  • Freeboard Height: 200mm - 280mm
  • Draft: 200mm - 280mm
  • Weight Per Metre: 3.7kg - 3.9kg
  • Material: Neoprene or Polyurethane
  • Ballast Type: Water
  • Section Lengths: 10m, 15m, 20m, 25m
  • Connector Type: ASTM or Unicon



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