The Vikotank is a self-supporting open top storage tank which is available in either Neoprene or Polyurethane material. It is constructed with a collar to support the entry lip and to ease filling.

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Vikotank full Vikotank-2 Vikotank-5 Packed Vikotank Inflate Vikotank Filling Vikotank Filling Vikotank 1



  • The Vikotank is easy to use as no framework or tools are required and the tank takes shape as it is filled
  • The Vikotanks can be used under hostile climatic conditions
  • During filling the fabric structure self-elevates and assumes a very stable configuration even in high winds
  • Vikotanks are lightweight and easily transportable
  • Available in Neoprene or PUA material


Various Tank Dimensions:

  • Width: 220cm to 431cm
  • Height: 110cm to 155cm
  • Dry Weight: 14kg to 30kg
  • Capacity: 2.5m3 to 15m3

Areas of Use