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Komara Midi 2 Duplex Onboard Pump (OBP)

Vikoma Komara oil skimmers are recognized globally for their superior performance.  Vikoma has led the way in innovation in the industry and is now introducing another step forward.

The Komara Midi 2 Duplex OBP is meticulously designed with an integrated transfer pump and optimised for coupling with a powerpack, enabling a recovery rate of up to 15m3 per hour.  Tailored for both sheltered and coastal waters, its robust yet lightweight FRP construction ensures easy portability and deployment. 

Equipped with an onboard pump, this skimmer offers unparalleled operational simplicity and manoeuvrability, boasting a compact footprint ideal for use on vessels and easy storage.  Operators will save time and money deploying this combined unit rather than a separate skimmer head and separate pump.

With its lightweight design, it facilitates a safe two-operator lift and manual deployment, ensuring adapatability in diverse environments.

What sets the Komara Midi 2 Duplex OBP apart is its exceptional versatility. Featuring a Duplex configuration, it seamlessly transitions between disc and brush skimming modes, with interchangeable modules that can be swiftly replaced in the field without requiring specialized tools.

Disc Module

Utilising Vikoma's pioneering oleophilic disc technology, this modules ensures highly efficient recovery of oils with minimal water uptake, achieving an oustanding 98% oil to water ratio. This significantly reduces the need for storage space of recovered oil while minimising the costs associated with processing and disposing of contaminated water.

Brush Module

In brush mode, the skimmer excels in recovering high viscosity products, leveraging an assisted weir and comb arrangement. The crimped bristles securely capture thick oil, guiding it over the unique raised weir comb and into the skimmer sump with precision. 

Complete System

The skimmer head is paired with a powerpack to drive and receive the necessary hydraulic power for optimal performance.  Vikoma's powerpacks are wheeled units and are easily transportable and with the integrated pump rather than a separate floating pump, they provide a comprehensive solution for efficient oil recovery. 

Experience unparalleled efficiency and adpatability with the Komara Midi 2 Duplex Onboard Pump.  A new benchmark in oil spill repsonse technology. 

Komara Midi 2 Duplex OBP
Komara Midi 2 Duplex OBP
Komara Midi 2 Onboard Pump
Komara Midi 2 Duplex OBP
Komara Midi 2 Duplex OBP
Komara Midi 2 Duplex OBP

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Komara Midi 2 Duplex OBP


  • Easier and quicker to deploy than a separate skimmer and pump
  • Easier to maintain with easy pump access
  • Highly efficient pumping system across a range of viscosities
  • Less hoses
  • Interchangeable disc and brush modules for cost efficiency
  • Recovers oils at up to 15m3 per hour with 98% oil to water ratio


Skimmer Dimensions:

  • 88 (L) x 88 (W) x 46 (H)cm
  • Recovery Rate: up to 15m³/hr 

System Components:

  • Komara Midi 2 Duplex Skimmer Head with Onboard Transfer Pump
  • Diesel Hydraulic Powerpack 
  • Hose Kit 
  • Disc and Brush Interchangeable Modules

Optional Extras: 

  • Powerpack available with additional safety feature of an automatic overspeed shutdown
  • Containerised systems available

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