Komara Seaskimmer

Vikoma Komara's range of oleophilic disc skimmers are probably the best known skimmers in the world.

Komara Seaskimmer is a strong, robust skimmer suited to offshore and coastal usage recovering up to 70m3 per hour.

The Komara Seaskimmer is manufactured from marine grade aluminium alloy with rubber fenders and aluminium discs. This gives it exdceptional strength whilst keeping weight to a minimum to make for easier transportation and handling. 

The Komara Seaskimmer uses proven technology with four independently driven disc skimming modules. This enables the skimmer to continue operating even if one bank of discs is damaged or blocked by debris. The robust, stable design, with doam filled buoyancy chambers and heavy duty fenders allows the skimmer to be used in challenging conditions without damage to the skimmer or to an Oil Spill Response Vessel (OSRV). 

Vikoma developed the design and use of oleophilic disc technology to provide highly efficient recovery of oils with minimal water pick up.

The skimmer will recover oil at 98% oil to water ratio, which drastically reduces the volume of storage required and the costs of re-processing and disposal of dirty water.

Complete System:

The hydraulically driven onboard rotary lobe pump is fitted with a float valve to match the speed of pump with the volume of recovered oil. This ensures the most efficient performance and protects the pump from damage due to running dry. 

Recovery capacities stated are indicative. Full system recovery capacities will depend on the specification of the pump and other ancillary equipment connected. 


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  • Strong, robust offshore skimming system
  • Recovers oils at up to 70m3 per hour with 98% oil to water ratio
  • High Capacity
  • Ideally suited to marine applications in coastal and offshore locations


Skimmer Dimensions:

  • 235 (L) x 233 (W) x 135 (H)cm
  • Recovery Rate: 70m³/hr 

System Components:

  • Komara Seaskimmer Head with Integral Lobe Pump
  • Diesel Hydraulic Powerpack 
  • Hose Kit 
  • Disc skimming modules

Optional Extras: 

  • Protective covers for powerpack and skimmer
  • Spares Kit

Areas of Use