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Case StudyHow to separate the oil from oily water and slops using a skimming system?




Two Vikoma T14 fixed, disc skimmers with on-board pumps were installed in each bay of an API separator in a refinery. Vikoma’s T14 disc skimming system increased the oil content of the slops to over 80% from the 20% typically achieved when using the conventional skim pipe solution.  A skim pipe in a hazardous area needed significant manual intervention and so was replaced by Vikoma’s automated, continuous oil skimming system, significantly reducing the risk of personnel working in a hazardous area. The refinery API separator discharges were required to be a maximum of 15ppm for the efficient operation of the next treatment stage which was a dissolved air floatation system (DAF) and the Vikoma Skimmers were found to produce excellent results, well within the requirement.

Scenario - Four bay API type separator in an oil refinery.

Feedstock - Oil/water from many different sources including crude and product    storage areas.

Oil on separator - Weathered crude oils, lube oil and light products.

Solvents - Occasional benzene and ethyl benzene.

Separator area - No operator access without gas safety checks

Classification - Zone 1



Customer objective 1Fixed skimmer systems c/w on-board pumps required.

Feedback : Two fixed T14 skimmers installed in each API separator bay.



Customer objective 2 Recovered oil ratio of minimum 80% oil and 20% water required.

FeedbackTypical recovered oil ratio achieved greater than 95% oil and 5% water.




Customer objective 3 : Max 15ppm discharge from API separator for efficient DAF system.

FeedbackTypical discharge level from API of 2ppm achieved.




Customer objective 4 Continuous oil skimming required with minimal operator input.

FeedbackSkimmer is operating automatically and no manual input.



Vikoma installed two x T14 fixed oil skimming systems with on-board pumps. Two skimmers fitted to a beam support frame in each of the API bays. A total of 8 skimming systems were provided.




Case Study 8 Image 1 T14 Fixed Skimmer System in API Separator    Case Study 8 Image 2 Diagram of T14 Skimmer System



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