The Vikospray system range are medium sized spray units designed for use on response vessels and vessels of opportunity.

The systems comprises of a diesel engine, a self-priming main pump and chemical pump, a manifold and either spray arms or individual spray lances. The systems can be mounted on a frame, detached and mounted to the ship's rail or hand held.

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  • The Vikospray can be used to distribute concentrate or dilute dispersants.
  • The arms can easily be detached or swung through 90o for storage.
  • The system includes flow indicators and valves that allow flow rates and dilution of the dispersant to be monitored and controlled.
  • The system has a total output of up to 150l/minute


Various Dimensions 

  • Total Width Rigged: 12m with vessel spray arms to 21m Hand lance with hose
  • Height: 80cm to 240cm
  • Dry Weight: 100kg to 147

Areas of Use

Dispersant Guidelines Vary