Komara Skimmer

The Komara oil skimmer range covers a market leading group of skimmers. The Komara oil skimmers use oleophilic discs to recover spilled oil.

With collection rates ranging from 4 tonnes per hour to 50 tonnes per hour the skimmers are therefore capable of working in areas ranging from offshore to inland and shoreline areas including ports and harbours, waste oil pits, beach operations, inland waterways, ponds, lakes, marshes, mangroves and any similar environment where oils are required to be removed from water.

The systems will operate in most environments, including very shallow waters and marshland, and will recover in excess of 98% oil.

The range comprises of the Komara Mini, Komara Midi 2, Komara Midi 4, Komara Maxi and Komara Seaskimmer.

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  • The skimmer discs operate smoothly even at very low speeds, giving more than 98% oil pick-up, which effectively eliminates the need for costly separation or disposal of dirty water.
  • Recovery rates from 4m3 per hour to 50m3 per hour.
  • The diesel powerpack incorporates safety features to ensure that it is safe in oil spill situations.
  • Available in sizes ranging from man portable small systems to large offshore systems.
  • Collects 98% oil and less than 2% water.


Skimmer Heads Ranging From:

  • Length: 88cm to 179cm
  • Width: 50cm to 175cm
  • Height: 43cm to 107cm
  • Weight: 19kg to 230kg
  • Recovery Rate: 7m3/hr to 50m3/hr

Areas of Use