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Environment and Sustainability

At Vikoma, we care about our planet and are taking steps to reduce our carbon footprint and improve our environment.  Working towards the circular economy, our waste is recycled and our products are designed to be kept as long as possible through maintenance, refurbishment and servicing.

Vikoma is a world leader in the design and manufacture of oil pollution and environmental control systems.  Our products help protect and clean our environment, but we also recognise that our operations have a direct impact on the global and local environment through their energy consumption, transportation, purchasing and waste generation.


Our commitment to the environment

We are committed to manage our environmental impacts and continuously improve our environmental performance.

We are platinum award winners for the Green Impact Scheme a scheme which works with the National Union of Students, encouraging best practice as well as giving students in our community hands on experience in environmental management.


Platinum Green Impact Award        Circular Economy Logo


Our processes and our site

We have invested in plant and machinery to reduce energy usage and our carbon footprint during manufacture. We also work with our supply chain to implement measures that will have a positive impact on our carbon footprint. A solar energy system is on order and will be installed shortly to enable us to generate our own electricity with surplus capacity being input to the national grid for nation wide use.

Although a working factory, we encourage biodiversity and have a bee hotel, bug hotels, bird boxes, planted areas and areas of grass and bushes left for wildlife to flourish. These all encourage biodiversity.


Long lasting products, fully supported and maintainable

We help our customers make right choices when buying equipment.  through careful selection of materials, we offer products with a long working life which are supportable with spares and maintence to extend working life. With good maintenance, products last longer and waste and landfill are minimised. We can also provide training to ensure your team has the knowledge to support your stock of equipment.

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Extending product life through refurbishment

With an extensive range of facilities in our factory, including a shot blast and paint spray workshop we are able to refurbish many of our products to extend their working life. Our team of experts acn assess potential for refurbishment and combine with partial replacements when products are beyond economical repair.  This can not only be a cost efficent solution for our customers but it also helps them achieve their environmental goals.

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Recycling and Community

In addition to ensuring waste is recycled, we work closely and support our local community finding innovate ways to to repurpose our waste.  The local laser and skate rink love our re-purposed oil booms and garden furniture has been made from old pallets.  Below are some picture of some of these projects. 


1 Environment
Bug hotel and garden
Grass verge for wildlife
Pallet Bar
Laser skate rink repurposing old booms
Refurbishment of equipment

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