Komara Mini

Vikoma developed the design and use of oleophilic disc technology to provide highly efficient recovery of oils with minimal water pick up. 

Vikoma's Komara range of oleophilic disc skimmers are probably the best known and most widely used skimmers in the world. 

The Komara Micro is a highly efficient oleophilic disc skimmer designed to recover floating oils and substances from water. The skimmer s robust, stable and yet highly portable thanks to its advanced design and use of modern materials.

Due to its compact size, the Komara Mini can be used in almost all inland and shoreline areas including ports and harbours, waste oil pits, beach operations, inland water ways, ponds, lakes, marshes, mangroves and any similar environments where oils are required to be removed from water. 

The Komara Mini skimmer has a bank of discs which can recover oil at up to 9m3 per hour, with less than 2% free water pick up. The recovery rate of the skimmer has been independently tested and is certified by Lloyd's. 

The system is supplied with a floating transfer pump, which floats close to the skimmer to transfer recovered oil to suitable storage. The Komara Mini system can also be supplied with a static pump, ideal for use from pontoons or jetties. 

Vikoma's powerpack provides hydraulic power to drive the skimmer head and the pump. The powerpack has a unique two part configuration, so it can be carried into position by two people. 

A complete Komara Mini system comprises of a Komara skimming head hydraulic powerpack, floating pump and hose kit. 

The Komara Mini skimmer is also available as an electric or pneumatic system. 

Recovery capacities stated are indicative. Full system recovery capacities will depend on the specification of the pump and other ancillary equipment connected.

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  • Compact, light weight & easily portable
  • Ideal for use in difficult to access areas
  • Highly efficient disc skimmer
  • Recovery rate 9m3 per hour
  • Collects 98% oil and less than 2% water.


Skimmer Dimenmsions:

  • 88 (L) x 50 (W) x 43 (H)cm
  •  Maximum Recovery Rate: 9m3/hr 

System Components:

  • Komara Mini Skimmer Head
  • Diesel Hydraulic Powerpack 
  • Floating Hydraulic
  • Transfer  Pump 
  • Hose Kit

Optional Extras: 

  • Komara Mini Electric Version 
  • Available with Static Pump

Areas of Use