Refineries and Industrial Processing Inlet and Outlet Protection

Many industrial processes use water drawn from the sea or rivers and benefit from a barrier to prevent the inlet being blocked and to stop debris or wildlife entering the producion process. Similarly, barriers and skimmers can prevent waster from entering the environment in outlets from industrial applications.

Vikoma offers a wide range of products for use to protect both inlets and outlets from spillages and debris. Our barriers have been used to stop grass, weeds, waste and even jelly fish from entering inlets.

We have a number of standard products suited to these applications and our in house engineering team can design bespoke modifications to suit your application.  


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Perm Boom Web Pic 5 Pic 13 Sentinel 750 Neoprene Foam Filled-1


  • Easy Installation
  • No Inflation needed
  • Internal closed cell foam buoyancy
  • Constructed from strong, flexible materials
  • 300 metres of boom can be deployed in a matter of minutes
  • Operate in temperatures from -40oC to +90oC


  • Total Height: 350mm - 1100mm
  • Freeboard Height: 150mm - 375mm
  • Draft: 150mm - 715mm
  • Weight per metre: 4.1Kg - 11.2Kg
  • Material: Neoprene, PVC Belt & Polyurethane alloy
  • Ballast: Galvanised Chain or Lead Weight
  • Section Length: 10m, 20m, 25m
  • Connector Type: ASTM or Unicon

Areas of Use

  • Slipways
  • Harbour entrances
  • Asset protection

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