VikoSeal is a unique hammerhead shaped boom designed to provide a primary containment zone for oil spills during transfer operations.

It can be used as a standalone solution for ship to ship or ship to shore operations or combined with a foam filled neoprene boom in a pier sealing system.

Legged piers have historically provided a challenge when it comes to oil spill containment and our pier sealing system overcomes this.  It is permanently installed with minimal operator input to engage after docking procedures are complete.  VikoSeal is combined with foam filled neoprene boom along the length of the pier with sliders to accommodate the rise and fall of the tide.

As a standalone solution it is used in pairs to ensure maximum containment of oil, one hammerhead is positioned adjacent to the ships forward fender and one to be positioned adjacent to the ships aft fender sealing against the ship hulls or hull to dockside.  Fitted with a lifting strop and supplied with forward and aft guidelines, allows deployment from the vessel deck or at dock level and easy inflation using the ships compressed air system once the boom is in position.  The boom design allows it to work effectively in conjunction with standard Yokohama fenders.  Easy handling from the dockside or ship.  No personnel needed at water level.

The flexibility and strength of neoprene works perfectly and provides a solution as an alternative to surrounding vessels with oil containment boom.  VikoSeal is fitted with heavy duty wear strips, designed to give a high abrasion resistance and long service life.  It is vulcanised using reinforced, double faced neoprene fabric which guarantees the booms seam integrity and a high abrasion, chemical and environmental damage resistance.   

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  • Suitable for ship to ship operations
  • Suitable for any jetty or quay side operation
  • Safe and simple boom to deploy
  • Reduced manpower for deployment
  • Ideal for bunkering and lightering operations
  • High abrasion resistance
  • High tensile strength
  • Stand alone or as part of our pier sealing system
  • Replaces requirement for excessive amount of containment boom
  • Low cost solution to oil transfer operations
  • Simple to operate when deployed


  • Various sizes built to customer specific fenders.

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