Star Disc Maxi

The Star Disc Maxi's twin disc modules recover high viscosity oil at a rate of up to 100m3 per hour, making it ideal for large offshore spills. 

The duplex option allows it to be used as either a star disc or brush skimmer. 

The robust aluminium construction and fenders make this skimmer suitable for the most challenging conditions. 

The on board positive displacement Vikopump, is designed to transfer even the heaviest of oils and if required can increase viscosity efficiency by the addition of a water injection system. 

The skimmer can handle floating debris due to its hinged disc bank and ability to run in reverse. Smaller debris can pass through the discs and is collected in a grill above the sump without affecting the operation of the skimmer. 

Star Disc Module:

The toothed disc bank, lifts the heavy oil up and over a raised weir lip, designed to minimise the amount of free water pick up, making this skimmer the most efficient type of weir skimmer on the market. 

Brush Module:

In brush mode, the skimmer recovers lower viscosity oils. 

Complete System:

The Star Disc Maxi skimming system comprises of the heavy oil skimming head, power pack and hose kit with a hose reel for storage of the hoses. 

The skimmer has been used in icy conditions, the strong toothed discs and pivoting disc banks enable the skimmer to be relatively unaffected by ice intake. For heavy ice situations a steam injection system is available as an option, to facilitate the flow of oil within the recovery hoses. 

The system is supplied with a powerpack, which incorporates two important safety features: a spark arrestor to prevent sparks from the exhaust igniting an ignition source; and an engine overspeed shutdown valve to protect the engine and operatives. Thrusters and remote controls are available for increased manoeuvrability.

Recovery capacities stated are indicative and full system recovery capacities will depend on specification of the pump and other ancillary equipment connected

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  • High capacity skimming for viscous oils
  • Two hinged 'star' disc modules
  • Skimmer head recovers oil at up to 100m3 per hour
  • Operate as a tooth disc skimmer or a brush skimmer
  • Tooth discs allow the skimmer to recover medium and heavy oil, and the bristles allow collection of lighter oils
  • With its integral buoyancy, fenders and robust design, the Star Disc oil skimmer can be safely operated from vessels and alongside booms
  • The skimmer will operate effectively even when surrounded by large debris such as wood





Skimmer Dimensions:

  • 225 (L) x 137 (W) x 128 (H)cm 
  • Recovery Rate: 100m³/hr
  • Up to 95% oil content to water ratio

System Components: 

  • Star Disc Maxi Skimmer Head with intergral Lobe Pump 
  • Diesel Hydraulic Powerpack
  • Hose Kit 
  • Star Disc, brush or interchangeable modules

Optional Extras:

  • Steam injection
  • Water injection system for very high viscosity oil
  • Remote controlled thrusters



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