ViKoseq Rigid Sweeping Arms

The ViKoseq Rigid Sweeping Arms are a highly effective and easy to use offering for advancing oil recovery solutions. Due to the detailed design of the ViKoseq Rigid Sweeping Arms, oil can be contained and recovered at an advancing rate with little failure/ oil loss.

With in-built oil recovery skimmers capable of transporting oils of different viscosities, the ViKoseq range provides an effective addition to any vessel tasked with operating response functions at a spill site.

With a range of arm sizes and dedicated handling systems, the ViKoseq range offers  varying recovery rates  that ensure the best suited option is provided to operators.

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  • Rigid design does not sink/ lift at higher towing speeds
  • Strong design
  • High recovery rates
  • Easy and effective to use
  • Containment and recovery
  • Quick and safe to deploy
  • No support vessels required
  • Can operate in rough weather
  • Proven equipment


  • Length = 5.3m to 15m
  • Maximum Wind Force = Beaufort 7
  • Skimmer Type = Weir or Brush
  • Weight = 1300Kg to 5000Kg
  • Recovery Capacity = 150m3/hr to 360m3/hr

Areas of Use