Mini-Vac System 

The Vikoma Mini-Vac system is a market leading operator friendly vacuum recovery system that enables operators to reach all areas of an oil spill no matter how isolated and difficult to access.

All parts of the system can be transported by hand and easily re-assembled on site with no specialist tools required.

The market leading design and construction materials within the Mini-Vac system have resulted in its use in all corners of the globe.

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  • The flexibility and lightweight construction of the MiniVac system allows the components to be lifted by two people.
  • The modular arrangement can be assembled and operated quickly and easily.
  • The MiniVac system is ideal for rapid clean-up operations in the most remote and inaccessible areas and has a recovery rate of 24m3/hr.
  • The compact design of the equipment makes it easy to store and transport


24m3h Recovery

  • Width: 86cm
  • Height: 53cm
  • Weight: 85kg

Areas of Use