Our paravane is a valuable addition to a response package for deploying booms or our advancing skimmers such as Fasflo.

A paravane is often referred to as a water kite. It is attached to the boom and powered by the water to slow and steady the boom replacing a tow boat.

The Vikoma paravane is a powerful and versatile tool. In a traditional open water boom deployment it replaces the tow boat, enabling a single vessel to deploy a boom system. 

Our paravane is a unique modular design offereing ultimate flexibility with three sizes available to suit boom or Fasflo size. We offer interchangeable options for conversion allowing Paravane Maxi to be converted to a Midi and a Paravane Midi to be converted to a Maxi. This gives you a really cost effective and flexible tool to easily convert to the size you need at the time of a spill.

Paravane Maxi has a twin vane arrangement and is ideally suited to medium to large boom systems in open water.

Paravane Midi has a single vane arrangement and is suited to small to medium boom systems in rivers and sheltered waters.

In a river deployment Paravane Mini can be used alongside personnel to manually deploy a boom system without the need for a boat. This functionality minimises personnel and reduces costs making it ideally suited to training exercises as well as oil spill response.

1 Paravane
2 Paravane
3 Paravane
6 Paravane
7 Paravane
Paravane Mini getting ready to be deployed in river
Paravane Mini being deployed in a river
Paravane Mini deployed in a river

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