Portable Skimmers

13th Nov 2018

Picofly-K4 Special cropped web

Our Portable skimmers are ideally suited to difficult to reach areas such as drainage sumps and access holes.

Drainage sumps, deep access holes and waste water retention pits can often be difficult to reach using traditional skimmers, but not anymore with our new mini skimmers, designed with these jobs in mind.

Everything you need has been carefully designed and packaged to make the job easy. Purpose built trolleys for easy handling, tripods for easy and safe lifting into position and size suited to access holes.

Picofly is a weir skimmer which comes complete with pneumatic pump & hose set. Picofly is designed to fit into a 800mm access hole with an oil recovery rate of up to 4m3 per hour.

Our already popular Electro-Hydraulic K4 is a disc skimming system used in caisson applications. Being smaller that the Picofly, it fits into a 600mm access hole with an oil recovery rate of up to 3m3 per hour. Its new on board hydraulically driven positive displacement pump makes it ideal for deep holes, for instance in waste water sumps in power plants. 

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