Komara Star

The Komara Star system is a self-contained oil recovery system specifically designed for recovering very heavy oils.

The Star system includes a mechanical recovery skimmer with on-board detachable pump, hydraulic powerpack and all the associated hoses and connectors.

The system will operate in most environments and will recover very heavy oils at 25m³/hr with more than 98% oil pick up

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  • Operate as a tooth disc skimmer or a brush skimmer
  • Tooth discs allow the skimmer to recover medium and heavy oil, and the bristles allow collection of lighter oils
  • With its integral buoyancy, fenders and robust design, the SD oil skimmer can be safely operated from vessels and alongside booms
  • The skimmer will operate effectively even when surrounded by large debris such as wood


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Skimmer Dimensions:

  • Length: 115cm 
  • Width: 117cm 
  • Height: 69cm 
  • Weight: 118kg 
  • Recovery Rate: 20m³/hr

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