Komara Multi

The Komara Multi is a skimmer combining a weir together with Oleophilic disc or brush banks for recovery of a wide range of oil viscosities and high oil recovery rate.

With a recovery rate of up to 150m3/hr, our new Komara Multi skimmer combines three skimmers in one high performance solution.

Developed by our in-house engineering team and manufactured at our UK facility, the skimmer combines three oil recovery methods; weir skimming; oleophilic disc banks and brush banks.

With over 98% oil recovery efficiency our discs keep storage requirements and costs to a minimum.

With quick and easy interchanging between the three oil recovery methods, this versatile, high capacity skimmer handles a wide range of oil viscosities. Also available as stand alone weir skimmer with disc or brush options. The weir has excellent wave following characteristics and a low centre of gravity for high stability.

The system is powered by a diesel-hydraulic power pack and is fitted with a spark arrestor and over-speed shutdown devices specifically designed for use with this skimmer. It comes complete with a 20m hose set and reel for easy storage and deployment.


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  • High oil recovery rate
  • Wide range of oil viscosities
  • Disc, brush and weir collection
  • Strong, durable design


Skimmer Dimensions:

  • 98% oil pick up  
  • 210 (L) x 211 (W) x 150 (H) cm
  • Weight: 885 Kg
  • Recovery Rate: 150m³/hr 

Areas of Use