Komara Disc and Brush Skimmers

Vikoma's range of Komara oleophillic skimmers are probably the best know skimmers in the world. The skimmers will recover oil at 98% oil to water ratio which keeps the volume and cost of storage to a minimum. 

Our brush modules suit thicker oils. The Duplex options allow the skimmers to be used as a disc or brush skimmer. The interchangeable skimming modules can be changed in the field in just a few minutes. Duplex offers really good value for money and versatility.

With collection rates ranging from 4 tonnes per hour to 150 tonnes per hour the skimmers are capable of working in areas ranging from offshore to inland and shoreline areas including ports, harbours, waste oil pits, beach operations, inland waterways, ponds, lakes, marshes, mangroves and any similar environment where oils are required to be removed from water.

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