The Vikoma M.O.S.S. system has been designed to offer a complete packaged oil spill recovery solution that is easily portable, will recover oil with a broad range of viscosities and will allow fast reaction to spills in remote or difficult locations.

Each component of the M.O.S.S. system is designed to be man-portable and this unique system is ideal for use when responding to smaller spills in situations on beaches, harbours, small rivers and cross-country pipeline spills.

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  • Used successfully around the globe with emergency response organisations
  • Components are fully interchangeable, allowing for quick deployment of the most appropriate equipment
  • Every component within the M.O.S.S. system has been designed to be man portable (complying with European weight lifting recommendations)


  • Various Skimmer Dimensions:
  • Length:88cm to 158cm 
  • Width: 49cm to 95cm 
  • Height: 9cm to 43cm 
  • Weight: 7kg to 38kg 
  • Recovery Rate: 7 to 14m³/hr

Areas of Use