Vikoma designs and manufactures a wide range of power packs for use with its oil spill response equipment. These are also available as stand-alone units for operation on other similar or related equipment. For specific requirements, Vikoma can offer its in-house expertise to design and manufacture bespoke assemblies.

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DCP10342 GP7 GP10 GP70-Power-Pack-6 GP70 Vikoma-GP7-powerpack-in-2-parts-for-lifting Powerpack 1 Powerpack 2

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  • Area of operation - Storage temperatures between -46oC and 71oC and operational temperatures between -32oC and 49oC and an altitude range of 0 - 3000m
  • Vikoma manufactures a standard range of general power packs from 7HP to 180HP
  • Power packs can be supplied with auto shut-down devices such as low level and high temperature engine and hydraulic oil sensors.
  • Careful consideration should be given as to whether the power pack will be used in a hazardous environment. As a minimum standard, Vikoma fits chalywn valves (over speed protection device) and exhaust spark arrestors. However, intrinsically safe, Zoned and ATEX designs are also available.


Powerpacks Ranging From:-

  • Length: 87cm to 191cm
  • Width: 54cm to 106cm
  • Height: 56cm to 139cm
  • Weight: 87kg to 950kg
  • Power Rating: 7HP to 180HP

Areas of Use