Lightweight Chemical Absorbent Pads
Pt.No. 0164SO - Chemical Absorbent Pds (200)

Our Active Chemical Absorbent Pads are 100% meltblown polypropylene and are hydrophilic meaning they will rapidly absorb chemical liquid spills.
Our Active Chemical Absorbent Pads are colour coded to the BSIF Standards for easy recognition, distinction and visibility.
Our Active Chemical absorbent pads are:
•Manufactured from meltblown polypropylene
•Ultrasonically bonded to reduce linting and improve tensile strength
•Excellent absorbency and fluid retention
•Absorbency tested to BS7959-1:2004
•Can be incinerated, keeping disposal costs down
•Highly visible due to their distinctive colour
•Have high strength, even when saturated
 Active Chemical Pads can be used in a number of ways including:
•Around acid baths, chemical reactors and process plants
•Pads for wiping down surfaces
•In laboratories to clean up and collect spills
•Chemical storage areas
•As part of your spill response plan

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