Fish Farms

The fish farming industry has two key requirements for environmental pollution response equipment.

Protect Fish: To protect the fish farm and its fish from the threat of external spills, such as oil or chemical. Contamination of fish from external factors must be prevented to avoid loss of fish which can be costly. Tier 1 oil response packages are well suited to meet the requirements of fish farms.

Prevent pollution from Fish Farms: Waste products are produced by fish farms which should be prevented from contaminating local waters. Waste products can be fish feed, floating fish, fish oils or any organic materials that is generated by the fish such as scales or from regurgitation.

Vikoma's sentinel booms/barriers are well suited to stop waste contaminating the local waters. A Komara skimmer can then be used to separate the waste. Komara collects a low level of water compared to weir skimmers so the operator is not then paying to recover, transport or process vast volumes of water. 

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