Environment Protection

Vikoma offers a range of products for protection against the environment. This website is not exhaustive and products have been applied to many applications, including the following:

  • Fish Farms: To protect from spills of oils or chemicals or to prevent waste from the fish farm contaminating local waters.
  • Refinery & Industrial Inlet protection: Many industrial processes use water drawn from the sea or rivers and benefit from a barrier to prevent the inlet being blocked and to stop debris or wildlife entering the production process.
  • Harbour Protection: Prevent harbours from being filled with debris using a Vikoma barrier or clean up harbours with our easy to use trawl net which will collect debris, plastic and oil.
  • Flood: Our temporary flood barriers deflect water to protect against tidal and flood surge and for passive water flood protection. They are quick and easy to erect and afterwards can be compactly stored for use next time.



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