Case Study - Can a skimmer be installed in a waste water sump under a highway?


In an area of heavy traffic there is risk of oil, diesel and fuels from general traffic and accidents spilling getting into the drainage system and polluting run off water.  To prevent this pollution, a Vikoma skimmer was installed in a sump, 10m below ground level to collect oil and discharge to a road tanker.  With a high oil content (98%), the volume of liquid collected is kept to a minimum, keeping road tanker costs much lower than other solutions where significantly more water is collected by the tanker.

Oil on sump                                 - Lube oils, hydraulic oil and Naphtha.

Sump area classification          - Zone 2.

Problem                                       - The drainage sump is located 10m below ground level and there is a large volume of traffic in the area and this lead to a                                                                 risk of spillage, diesel and oil etc. polluting run off water.


Customer objective 1             The recovered oil must be able to be pumped directly to a road tanker for disposal.

Feedback                                  Skimmer system designed so that the recovered oil can be discharged directly into a road tanker.

Customer objective 2             The skimmer must have a high recovery capability in case of a major spill.

Feedback                                  Skimmer capacity of over 9m3/hr.

Customer objective 3             The recovered oil must have a minimal water content.

Feedback                                   98% oil with typically 2% water achievable.

Customer objective 4              The skimmer must operate safely and reliably within the confined space of the sump in the presence of hydrocarbon vapours.

Feedback                                   Skimmer certified to zone 2 for hazardous operating areas.

Customer objective 5              The skimmer must pass through a 600mm x 750mm access hatch to the sump.

Feedback                                   A modular skimmer was designed capable of being dismantled and put in the sump and reassembled.


Vikoma installed a T9 floating oil skimmer system located in a sump 10m below ground level.  The skimmer was powered by an electro-hydraulic powerpack unit.  The recovered liquid, with a 98% oil content is discharged to a road tanker.

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