Hawk Owl

The Vikoma Hawk Owl is an overhead wireless lookout system that is used to actively track and monitor the progress of an oil spill situation. The Hawk Owl aerostat is equipped with  4 static cameras to provide a full 360o field of vision, whilst a stabilising fin maintains a smooth and constant direction into the oncoming wind. The data received by the cameras is transmitted by wireless signal to the base station unit allowing the operator to direct and conduct the spill response to the upmost efficiency.

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  • Increases overall spill response efficiency
  • Infra-Red Camera locates clear and transparent hydocarbons for collection
  • Data can be saved for post spill assessment and analysis
  • Battey usage is 12 hours per charge therefore out performing drone technology
  • Tethered unit does not conflict surveillance camera laws (unlike drone technology)


  • Battery Endurance: 12 Hours
  • Altitudes: 60 - 300m
  • Data Transmission: Encrypted Wireless
  • Maximum Wind Speed: 50 Knots
  • Camera Specification: 5 Megapixel/ 1080p
  • Deployment time/Operators: 30 - 45 mintues, 2 people
  • Safery cut down device: Yes

Areas of Use