Kebab K4

The Kebab K4 is a highly efficient oleophilic disc skimmer system mounted in a wheeled trolley. It is very compact and highly portable.The compact Kebab K4 skimmer is ideally suited to removing oil from water where space is limited, e.g. beneath manhole covers.

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  • Supplied with its own trolley for ease of transport
  • Available to run from batteries and mains power
  • High oil collection rate (98% oil, 2% water)
  • Ideal for single operator use
  • Small light skimmer head
  • Designed to work inside manhole covers
  • Excellent recovery ratios in enclosed environments
  • Fully autonomous system


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Skimmer Dimensions:

  • Length:475mm 
  • Width: 477mm
  • Height: 467mm
  • Weight: 16kg 
  • Recovery Rate: 4m³/hr

Area of Use

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