TubeWall has been widely used as both a domestic and public sector flood contingency solution. It is designed for large or small flood risk areas and due to its self-anchoring skirt design, can easily be installed with minimal effort and time.

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  • Designed for longitudinal runs.
  • In use globally as a flood barrier.
  • Self anchoring skirt.
  • Airfilled system.


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  • Wall height 500mm
  • Wall width 1.7m
  • Wall weight 3.5kg/m


  • Wall height 750mm
  • Wall width 2.4m
  • Wall weight 5kg/m


  • Wall height 1000mm
  • Wall width 3.2m
  • Wall weight 7kg/m
  • Tube length 10-20m
  • Tube weight 17.5-140kg
  • Wall length – no limit

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